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Discover Bespoke Massage 


Whether you’re feeling in need of a body boost or calming relaxation, immerse yourself in the restorative experience of totally organic aromatic oils combined with specialist massage techniques.


Your body’s natural energy is restored with the stimulation of pressure points, while the delicious aromas help promote a deep level of relaxation and help bring your body and mind back into harmony.

Head Massage.jpg

Serenity Body Masage

Sink into a beautifully calm and balancing massage, using massage oils, designed to relax muscles, mind, body and spirit bringing your body back into harmony.

(60 mins) £35.00

serenity back.jpg

Serenity Back Massage

Feel all the stress melt away, using aromatic oils, helping to banish any aches and pains from tense back and shoulder muscles, encourage a sense of warmth and peacefulness.

(30 min) £25.00

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